I’m not boy crazy.  I’m happier alone most days, and am not desperately searching for a boyfriend.  I have a busy life, wonderful friends, and enough love, affection and appreciation from them and my family to not make me want for more (though I can appreciate infinite affection 🙂  ).  I don’t feel like I need a man to make me feel better about myself, nor a desire to “keep up” with any coupled friends or exes.  The idea of sex with someone new kinda terrifies me.  I have a bevy of wonderful men with whom I great platonic relationships.  I am not in need of anyone to build, fix, or buy anything for me (and occasionally when I am in need of the building or the fixing, I do it myself, and may occasionally ask them for some assistance).  I get along and love all of my friend’s significant others, and honestly never feel like a bitter single when I hear of love and relationships regarding the people I care about.  This Valentines Day, I will not feel a twinge of sadness that no one has bought me flowers, because I’ve never really looked at Valentines Day that way, even when I was with someone, and instead view it as a day to tell all the special people in my life how much I love them.  I don’t need someone to take me out, nor do I need someone’s company to even go out (as I get ready to start my day heading over to the flea market and the farmers market, alone).


it would be nice to fall in love again.

~ by Alli on Sunday, January 17, 2010.

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