Things I would like to Do/Learn in the not so distant future

* paint a mural – not neccesarily a large one, maybe just a friend’s wall…

* plant a vegetable garden – plans are in motion to possibly have that happen 😀

* go on a road trip

* learn piano

* finally read the gigantic, almost 1,000 page biography of The Beatles that I bought ions ago.

* build something impressive. Not sure if thats a statue, a robot, a computer, or a piece of furniture.

* join some sort of team sport – I was watching a friend’s ultimate frisbee game last week, and it looked like a lot of fun. I get the feeling that THAT’S the way I should be getting my exercise – by playing I love yoga, and hiking, and occasionally even the gym (though….not really), but I have so much fun when I occasionally play basketball in my dad’s tiny driveway (even though I’m always dressed wrong for it, and Dad does not let the fact that I’m his first born prevent him from playing dirty), or play air hockey (which I get really worked up and competitive over), and even just dancing and singing like a damn fool in my friend’s living room (which I did on Friday and was an absolute blast).

* be a Photoshop MASTER

* Take a dance class – not a hip hop or ballet (well, maybe ballet), but a ballroom dancing class. Dancing with a partner – swing, tango, etc…I just want to learn how, and think it would be a lot of fun. The only dancing I really did growing up was choreographed for musicals, show choirs, etc…as a result, my standard dance club moves are the White Girl Sway and Side Step, or I just end up jumping up and down while twirling my friends. I think the best way for me to enjoy dancing is if there is some sort of order to it.

* Dye my hair pink again – if I got another job that was as casual as the one I had LAST time I dyed it, I’d dye the bottoms of my hair pink again. Ironically, I’m not the biggest fan of pink, but it looks really cool with my natural color. I wouldn’t do it as MUCH as the last time, probably just a few streaks at the – like this.

I think I’ll add to this later on…but for now, this is what I desire.


~ by Alli on Monday, January 18, 2010.

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