golden gate at night

Now I can’t guarantee that I won’t do more stuff with it (because I have a hard time finally saying “done” when it comes to artwork), but I MAY have just completed my first paying piece.

I just wish I knew if I were DONE.

~ by Alli on Sunday, February 7, 2010.

5 Responses to “golden gate at night”

  1. Ahem, “Art is never finished, only abandoned” – Leonardo da Vinci. BAM.

    Seriously though, looks great.

  2. Along the lines of Leo’s maxim, I’ve heard that the only way to know that you’re done with a piece is that you’ve walked away from it.
    I agree with Alex, beautiful work.

  3. it’s perfect as is–and FANTASTIC!

  4. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

  5. So stunning.

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