I am currently working on a more linear post, but I feel like writing, so I’ll touch on a grab bag of stuff.

I dyed my hair blue a couple weeks ago.  I like it lots.

It looks like the pink hair was supposed to look like (but which ended up being rather haphazard and messy.  And, although it doesn’t look it in this picture because of the angle and curls, my hair is REALLY long right now (approx 20 inches, and to the middle of my back.), so should I need to get rid of the cookie monster tresses, I can chop them off easily, and in the meantime can easily tuck it into a bun without the blue being noticeable.

I’ve been feeling a little restless lately, probably due to just not being busy enough, and not having a regular job, all my friends being busy with work, and THEIR school… I have plenty to do, but I’ve been a little antsy, and needing a change.  So this helped a bit.  So did rearranging all the furniture in my studio at 1 am last week.

* I got a shout out from a blogger I really like regarding my magical bookshelves!

It occurred to me today that the day I end up moving, and have to take those things down…It will be sad.

My art history text book is currently sitting to the left of me, waiting to be read.  And I swear, I’m going to, but I’ve never been a good “studier” persay.  I learn by doing.  So if my assignment is a paper or a project, something I’m working on, then I’m golden.  But simply reviewing information so that you will retain enough to pass an exam at a later date (and hopefully retain a fair amount of it for the rest of your life)…I’m not so hot at that.  Despite the fact that I’m an avid reader, simply reading is the worst way for me to try and learn something.

Speaking of reading, I’m gonna try and give this whole audiobook thing a shot.  I know that I am way too focused on the road while driving to listen to them (hell, I can barely keep track of NPR when I’m driving.), but it might be a good resource when I’m out riding my bike or hiking or running.  Well, maybe not running…I probably need some cardio for that.  And I seem to have a hard time sitting myself down and reading lately, which, despite being a bookworm, does happen on occasion.

I was going to write more, but my textbook is calling to me (and then my bed….yikes i’m tired)


~ by Alli on Thursday, March 4, 2010.

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  1. I like your blue hair lots too!

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