Sometimes I feel like I would like to just drive across country…explore,, and drive.

I want to travel.  I am surrounded by those who have lived other places, fly home for the holidays, have stories and tales that take place outside this city.  A city that I love, and am proud to call home…but yet, I feel like I haven’t seen enough… experienced enough.  I want to travel.  And while most people who say how much they want to travel are usually talking about Europe or Asia…I just want to go somewhere that isn’t Southern California.

If i had the money to, I would borrow a friend’s GPS, pack up my laptop, some clothes, my camera, sketchpad and some books…and drive through the U.S.  I’d sleep in my car, or in cheap motels, or with friends of friends.  I’d plan some sort of course, but would mostly just drive…and explore.  I’d get recommendations of places to see/eat/drink from my myriad of friends who have lived all over.

And I’d take lots and lots of pictures.  I’d keep a log, I’d take video.  It would be an adventure.  Such a thing would normally sound so scary to me …but it doesn’t anymore.

I keep wanting to take a trip with friends (i’ve started organizing at least 3 trips only as far as San Francisco in the past year, only to have them all thwarted with timing, money, LIFE, etc..), but I’ve learned that if I want to do something badly enough, I just need to stop waiting on people and GO.  I signed up for that birthright trip to Isreal, and was maybe going to go this summer.  But a friend of mine talked about wanting to go, but in the Winter.  I passed on the summer trip, and kinda wish I hadn’t now…because what if whatever job I have by then doesn’t allow me the time off, or my friend decides she doesn’t want to go anymore…  So my mindset is now, that if people want to join in, they can, but I’m not waiting anymore.

I just want to have a big adventure, while I’m young enough to really enjoy it.  I want stories.

But gas and food and places to rest your head cost money.  So for now…

I’ll keep moving…but I’m not going anywhere.

For now.

~ by Alli on Sunday, March 14, 2010.

One Response to “exploratory.”

  1. That reminds me. I need to get my passport! I’m serious about the winter trip to Israel, yo!

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