I felt you should all know how awesome/foolish I am.

So I decided to go to the East Hollywood ArtCycle yesterday, and even decided to ride my bike there (by way of the Red Line for part of it).

I realized once I got there that I left my map at home, and didn’t remember where the different galleries were.  SO I rode along Santa Monica where the initial stuff was (nothing too impressive) and then…just kept on riding.  I passed one of the galleries whose name I recognized, and it was already closed (at 6 pm or so when the event was supposed to be til 10, which is weak-sauce), and then I just kept riding east on Santa Monica….until it turned into Sunset.

And then while passing through Silverlake, stopped at a red light, a homeless man asked, rather politely,  if he could touch my face.  Luckily it turned green before I had to think of an appropriate response.

And I texted a friend to see if he was still at this vinyl store in Echo Park, but he had already left.  And the “super cool people” in front of The Echo kept shooting glances at this oddly sweaty girl standing on the sidewalk.

And then I kept riding along Sunset until I suddenly recognized the lights and tall buildings of Downtown LA.  So I turned into a sad little fast food restaurant, and sat for 20 minutes looking at a map and giggling to myself about how I found myself in Downtown LA at 8 o clock on a Saturday night.

I headed towards Union Station, riding through Olvera Street, over the brick and cobble and past the tourists who seemed to find brightly painted guitars HI-larious.  And I ended up in Union Station, a place I used to frequent quite often, when I used to take the Gold Line to the Red Line (coming from the SGV to the SFV, and vice versa).

And then I went home.  And ate my weight in pasta.

It occurred to me the other day that there’s a part of me that almost ENJOYS getting lost (as I took a wrong turn on my new favorite hiking trail and ended up extending my 3 mile hike by 2 miles, ultimately ending up with me scaling the side of a mountain in cross trainers, haha).

It’s the same part of me that prefers taking surface streets to freeways if I can help it.  It’s a learning experience.  It’s how you figure out where things are.  I know this city so much better now than I did a year ago.  It’s the part of me that used to take apart pens so I could put them back together as fast as I could.  It’s a jigsaw puzzle, it’s a mystery novel, its trying out a new recipe you never have before…at the end of it all, you’ll learn something you didn’t know before.


~ by Alli on Sunday, March 14, 2010.

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