Stressed, Tired, and Ba-roque

(dear god, did i just make an art pun in my blog title?  Sheesh.  But in all seriousness, I AM broke.  Send money.)

Well, the good news is, in studying for my Art History midterm (or as I like to call it,”Renaissance Art: The Martyrdom and Madonna Years), I have found that I’m actually getting better at identifying the names of the pieces.

Oh that?  Why, that’s “The Ecstasy of St. Theresa”, a piece commissioned by a church in Rome so that they could show, physically, spiritual ecstasy.

“Madonna of the Rocks”

“Judith and Her Manservant”

I didn’t need to look up any of those, just knew them.  But I CANNOT REMEMBER ANY OF THESE STUPID NAMES.

I mean, Madonna of the Rocks is by Da Vinci.  I KNOW Da Vinci.  I LIKE Da Vinci!  But when I tried to guess the artist, I pulled Carravagio out of ass (and he’s a completely different era of Renaissance Art, so it’s doubly stupid).  And “Judith and Her Manservant” was done by  Artemesia Gentileschi, who I actually found super interesting, as she was the first female painter of the Renaissance, in a time when woman artists were unheard of  (plus, she pressed charges against the man who raped her, and WON, which is especially badass when you consider that she was put through, and WITHSTOOD an honest-to-goodness torture device during the trial).  But yet, all these names sound so similar and I can’t do it and argggghhhhhh.

Additionally, I have studying to do for a potential job opportunity (don’t want to say more at this juncture), and still have tons of photo editing to do from the photoshoot I did with my friend Tyler a couple weeks ago.  Oh, and have my giant birthday party in 8 days, of which I have not even started to arrange/plan/buy things for (I’m also dead broke, something I’m a bit concerned about in regards to how I’m going to pay for party supplies, etc).

And almost all of them need to be completed by mid next week.  And I’ve been especially emo the last few days for no particular reason.  So I’m just gonna go over here in this corner and quietly stress-sob over my flash cards with Rembrandt’s face on them (Side note:  Damn, Rembrandt, did all your paintings have to be so (literally) dark?  You are KILLING my ink cartridges, man.  I know you hated yourself and everything, but don’t take it out my printer).

~ by Alli on Friday, April 9, 2010.

One Response to “Stressed, Tired, and Ba-roque”

  1. Please don’t hesitate to let me know what I can bring to the party.

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