i had a great weekend, which i will write about soon (mostly due to the Los Angeles Festival of Books), but i would like to share a couple epiphanies I had:

* Men that can quote Mr. Show are almost always immediately attractive to me. As a result, I end up being attracted to many men who are older than me by, like, 5-6 years.

* My dream job would be to be the in-house graphic designer for a small to medium sized publishing company. I could design marketing materials, maybe even a book cover…it would be a wonderful way to combine 2 of my passions.

* When I am able to be with a man and cuddle with him while the both of us are reading our separate books, and I’m not distracted or insecure…thats when I will be in love.

* Theater matinees = old people.



~ by Alli on Monday, April 26, 2010.

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