I woke up this morning

headphones plugged firmly in my ears

playing a song about about a man seeking the relief of the calm of the weekend

and I found I’d burrowed myself into a makeshift cocoon.

Pillow in front.  Pillows in the back.

soft with that comforting warmth of sleep,  All my bedclothes melted to the perfect temperature,

where it fits my body in just the right way.

Enough so that it feels like being held.

I don’t often think of you these days

fool myself into remembering our brief time together.

There were others before, there have been others since.

In no way do I benefit from the over-romanticizing

of a handful of days.

You’re nothing special.

You don’t care for me.

I shouldn’t care

“I don’t care”

But this morning, in this pocket of sheets and pillows, of warmth and whispered sunlight, I remembered how it felt.

To lie with you as morning came.

fitting in your arms just so.

You not pulling away.

Mornings with you felt better than with most.

Perhaps that’s what I miss the most.

So, just this once, i’ll imagine.

I’ll pretend.

It’s not dreaming, I’m awake.

We all need to suspend reality once in awhile.


~ by Alli on Saturday, May 8, 2010.

One Response to “Mornings”

  1. There is much strength.

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