I have not been feeling good about myself lately, something that shouldn’t come to much of a surprise if you talk to me or even just read this blog on a regular basis.  Contrary to popular belief based on my…defensive nature and goofy bravado, I am my own toughest critic.  The last couple months have been rough in this regard.

Having someone you once cared about say nasty, exaggerated half-truths about you doesn’t help.

A couple months ago, after watching me go through a painful “break-up” with this friend, H said to me:

“you should be incredibly proud of yourself! I mean, you tutor homeless kids! You’re in school. You volunteer for a farm sanctuary on a regular basis. You have an incredibly eclectic and intelligent group of friends from all walks of life.”

I was re-reading this, and thought to myself, YEAH.  I AM great.

I spend so much time on here talking about what I need to do to improve myself, my faults that I need to work on.  And while I’m still a firm believer that people need to constantly be on a path of self improvement and being the best possible person they can be… maybe I need to be giving myself a little more love.

So, in an effort to “come on get happy”, I thought I would write a blog where I lay out the reasons that I am awesome.  Out of context of the rest of this blog, this is going to seem like I’m the most arrogant a-hole in the world.  Heh.  So here goes.

1.  I’m a good friend.  I will stop what I’m doing to be there for someone I love and care about.

2.  I have a way with words when making a passionate point.

3.  I’m a talented artist and photographer with little to no training.  I naturally have a good eye for composition and color.

4.  I have a nice smile.

5.  I’m a redhead.

6.  I love animals and animals love me.   And that was even before I went vegan.  I can always stop what I’m doing to rub a dog’s belly and give a lesser creature some love and affection.

7.  I volunteer tutor homeless children.

8.  I can, and do, laugh at myself on a regular basis.

9.  I can admit when I’m wrong (most of the time, anyways), and own up to where I need improvement.  It may take a few days, hehe…but chances are, if I was even partly in the wrong, I’ll apologize once the smoke has cleared.

10.  My inner child is still very strong.

11.  I’m a good cook. (There is currently some very delicious oatmeal raisin cookies in my fridge that can attest to that fact).

12.  I’m a good kisser (or so I’ve been told).

13. I’m resourceful, whether its problem solving, fixing something that’s broken, or just finding a compromise.  On that note, I also have the ability to think outside the box on a regular basis.

14.  On a good day, I have a wonderful singing voice.

15.  I have a great sense of humor, have quick wit, and can almost always make people laugh.

16.  I went back to school at  the age of 23 completely under my own steam, and with little to no help (financially or otherwise) from anyone else but me.

17.  I have great hair.

18.  Despite occasional foolishness, and some scatterbrained tendencies, I am very responsible.

19.  I’m vegan, and put my money where my mouth is, by volunteering on a regular basis at a farmed animal sanctuary.

20.  Despite their constant teasing of me, even my most casual friends respect my opinion.

21.  I’m gracious and appreciative when someone does something nice for me, and try to never take it for granted.

22.  I’m not only intelligent, but I’m sharp.  One does not necessarily beget the other.

23.  I’m able to easily converse with people I’ve just met.

24.  I’m well read.

25.  I’m trustworthy.

26.  Even when I have $5 left to my name, I’ll give someone $2 if they really need it.

27.  I have a wide-ranging array of interests.

28.  I can almost always find the positive in any situation.

29.  I’m oddly flexible.  Literally.  And that was even before I started practicing yoga regularly.

30.  I have the respect of many intelligent, wise and talented people.

31.  I’m creative. And a little kooky.

32.  I’m able to see all sides of a viewpoint, making me rather talented at debating (or as Tyler put it ” “I can argue principles of photography with train museum employees”, hahaha.)

33.  I am the walrus (koo koo kachu).

~ by Alli on Thursday, June 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “pick-me-up”

  1. #16 and #32 are the same. But you can replace #32 with “I can argue principles of photography with train museum employees”

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