Cupcake Bandits

It’s only Sunday morning, and already this is the second amazing weekend I’ve had in a row.

Last Saturday, Haley and I made a dozen cupcakes to bring to a birthday party of an old friend of hers (well….H made them, I helped decorate, because I’m her decorating elf)

camera phone cupcakes

By the time we got in the car and got on the freeway, traffic was so horrendous that by the time we would have gotten to Santa Ana the party would be winding down.  So we decided to salvage the evening and go to a mildly hipsterish bar close by.  Long story short,  H bought us cheap drinks at the grocery store, we sat in the car outside the bar, drank and giggled, and then ending up handing out almost all 2 dozen to people in line or smoking outside the bar:

that last picture is of a girl’s 21st birthday party.  when we found out, we gave the table the last 7 of the cupcakes. When telling my friend Billy about it (who lives in Mississippi and god bless him, I don’t know if  he entirely knows what a hipster is), he echoed my sentiments, which were “You just gave that girl and awesome story to tell for years to come.”

The rest of the night was spent drinking some cheap PBR and utilizing the Cha Cha photo booth (and having people around the bar call us “The Cupcake Girls” (it should be noted the bouncer also brought us to the front of the line outside when we started handing them out).

It was such a fun and random thing, we want to do it again.  Mom even joked when we told her “this could be your activist work, and you could write off the baking materials on your taxes”.  Regardless of the intent, we definitely plan on handing out vegan cupcakes to drunk people 2 hours before closing time on a regular basis at bars around Los Angeles.  😉

~ by Alli on Sunday, July 11, 2010.

3 Responses to “Cupcake Bandits”

  1. I can’t wait for the 2nd amazing blog introducing the world to our new friend! lol.

  2. You two are adorable!! LOVE IT.

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