painted lady

“Getting an early start on the day, I see”

“Uh…sorta?  Haha”


“i, um…havent gone to bed yet?

goddamn unemployed hippies with their ridiculous sleep schedule”

I swear though, I’m getting better.  I only pull about 1 all nighter a week, and the rest of the time, im usually asleep by 2 or 3 a1m.  And up at 8 or 10.  I mean…it’s SOMETHING.

However, my feelings about sleep still vary.  Some days its the greatest thing in the world and omigodiwanttostayinthisbedforever, but a lot of the time I just find it this colossal inconvenience, because i could be doing something else with that time.  Something productive!

Like this, haha:

In my defense, I’m trying to build up an impressive portfolio for my face painting.   If I can even get 2 jobs a month from that…it’ll help a lot.  Even after I find full time work.  I’ve been doing the standard animals and flowers, etc.  But, especially around Halloween, i need to show that i can do elaborate stuff too.

However, it’s hard to paint my own face (it’s doable, just takes longer), so I have nice friends who act as my canvas every so often.

~ by Alli on Tuesday, July 27, 2010.

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