Vegan Hot Cheetos

This article:
prompted a particularly entertaining discussion on Google Reader yesterday about Flamin’ Hot Cheetos (aka probably one of the worst things you can ever put in your body but are still so oddly delicious you have no control.)

We are just 3 vegan women with a dream.

Allison – oh man those things used to own my soul.

Haley – Remember last year when I did all that major research trying to find out exactly what went into a bag of these? Yeah, well crack often owns one’s soul.

Allison – I still stand by my prediction that the person who makes a vegan version of these will be very very rich.

Haley – Maybe I should get on that. I’d like to very rich. Don’t really care about being very, very rich, but, you know, just enough to pay my way through undergrad and grad school.

Allison – Vegan Hot Cheetos would do it.

Haley – Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
You know…we’re gunna be moving into a house and I demanded a kitchen that was “like whoa.” I am a good cook. You are a good cook. Sean is a good cook. Nat is a good dishwasher.
Just saying…*shrugs* Crazier things have happened! Tera, you in? Aug 20, 2010

Tera – In? What’s going on? I’m so confused.

Allison – Tera remember those amazingly disgusting corn “chips” that stained my hands red all the time in high school and everyone ate despite them being terrible for you and making everyone smell bad? Haley and I want someone to make a vegan version of those.

Tera – Oh no I got that. I just didn’t know what my part was in the whole thing. =p

Allison – Because you are the Ethel to Haley’s and my combined Lucy?

Haley – Basically what we have Tera is a dream. A dream to feed the vegan masses crack. Unfortunately, we have to wait until I move into a house that doesn’t have as many fire hazards as my apartment. 🙂

Haley – and can I add that I’m only doing this for the monkey? ‘Cuz I hate hot cheetos. [LULZ. Whoops. I meant money, but I’m keeping it BECAUSE MONKEY!!!!!]

Tera – I don’t like them either. But I will be your Ethel/cheerleader throughout the ordeal.

Haley – Tera, then you will be crack researcher, because, like, you know that’s why you studied library science in the first place.

Tera – YES! Finally found my purpose in life!! 😀


~ by Alli on Saturday, August 21, 2010.

One Response to “Vegan Hot Cheetos”

  1. I love that we are “3 vegan women.” Sounds like the title of a sappy hippie chick lit. =p

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