Like Kerouac, only with less drugs and more dinosaur statues.

“So where are YOU from?”

“Actually, I’m from here.”

“You’re FROM Los Angeles?!  Wow I didn’t think any of you people existed!”

I’ve had this conversation a million times in the last year or so.  And what used to be a source of pride is now almost something I’m ashamed of.  Don’t get me wrong:  I love my hometown.  I f eel immensely grateful that I got to grow up in a city that most people dream of living in.  But it’s been getting to me for awhile.  That I “know nothing but this desert”.  The idea of living anywhere else was terrifying, but the thought of only living in Southern California my whole life depressed me and, quite frankly, terrified me as well.  Plus the timing was never right.  I had no money.  I loved my apartment.  I loved my friends.  I was finally in school.

But I’ve been unemployed for almost a year.  My lack of stability made giving school the attention it deserved a near impossible feat.  I had to leave my apartment because I just couldn’t make rent on the paltry sum I was getting from unemployment.  And truthfully, while I know I would miss my friends, I think I was more afraid of losing them (“out of sight out of mind” etc) which speaks mostly to my insecurity.

And when I was given notice to leave my home, I had been falling for a wonderful man in my life who had just recently become more than a friend.  And while he lives in Mississippi, he had been trying to figure out a way to come and see me (in addition to job hunting as he has been wanting to move to California for years).  So when my last anchor fell away and I was left with even itchier feet than before,  I said “Why don’t I drive out there and come see you?”

“Good for you.  I think you need this” – Pascual

So without telling too many people, I started packing up all my possessions and storing them in assorted friends’ homes and garages, contacting friends in different states (or who were from other places who might know of people I could stay with), figuring out gas and food and timing and getting more and more excited by the day.

“This could very well be a completely life changing event in your life” Tyler

There were some delays mostly due to finances, prior obligations and worried parents.  After all this planning and sense of independence and adventure,  it seemed like it wasn’t gonna happen.

“You can be, like, a modern day Jack Kerouac except instead of speed and Easter Philosophy, you’ll have adderall and Eckhart Tolle” – Haley

But I am typing this from a McDonald’s somewhere outside of Phoenix, AZ.  I will write something later today about my first day of traveling but for now I’ll leave you with a few pictures.

“I am doing this.  Fuck yeah” – Allison

~ by Alli on Wednesday, September 1, 2010.

One Response to “Like Kerouac, only with less drugs and more dinosaur statues.”

  1. looking sexier than ever Allison. -d

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