Update from Santa Fe (but still not a full blog post)

I am currently sitting in the Sante Fe Public Library downtown.  I had to charge my camera battery so I could do this beautiful city justice with a PROPER camera.

I’ve been so busy driving and exploring (and sleeping but not nearly as much as I would like.) that I really haven’t had time to sit down and write.  By the time I do end up at my destination, I’m usually too beat to properly construct a sentence much less share a day of traveling.

So posts will be coming soon.  But for now I want to explore Santa Fe for a couple more hours before I head to Austin (and deal with a 12 hour drive through endless desert.  Oy.  I wish I had remembered my audio books.)

I know that it’s decidely less badass to admit that I’m exhausted and my back hurts.  BUT… it’s worth it.  I’m constantly switching from “Jesus christ i’m tired i just want to arrive at my destination already” to “This is amazing and I cant believe I’m actually doing this and I’m so enjoying myself”.  It comes in waves.  And after I arrive in Austin, I get to relax.  Well, not relax because apparently they have a lot of stuff they plan on showing me.  But at least I get a couple days of fun and exploration and no driving.

Ok off to explore The Plaza!

~ by Alli on Thursday, September 2, 2010.

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