dog napper

Something from Twitter that I re-read the other day and laughed myself silly.

Mom, if you are reading this, i will be kidnapping your dog sometime this week. i need a puppy fix.

Tera: I didn’t see “Mom” at first and thought you were just making a general dog-napping blanket threat to everyone.

Later in the day, Tera: “And the thing is, when I DID think it was blanket threat…I didn’t find it all that odd coming from you.

I DO love doggies.  And I miss my mom’s little monsters, Zoe and Annie, lots.

However I have been falling in love with Billy’s dog, Harley (short for Harley-Quinn because my boyfriend is a big comic book nerd) more and more every day.

She is a basset hound/lab mix.  She looks less like a mix and more like a hybrid (like her head doesn’t quite match her body).  But she is an absolute sweetheart and has the softest ears.  She’s also very well trained (I love watching her and B interact because he’s just so good with her.  A man who knows how to handle dogs:  very sexy)

She is absolutely Billy’s girl.  She would sleep with him (under the covers no less) on the bed every night, just like an old married couple.  I was a bit worried that she wouldn’t warm up to me because I was the “new girl in his life”.


I am the dog whisperer.

And puppies love me.

~ by Alli on Wednesday, September 15, 2010.

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