The last few months I have barely posted at all.  I felt like “What on earth do I have to talk about?  I’m living in Mississippi and working part time at a Barnes and Noble.  I love my boyfriend but I’m homesick”.

The fact is, the last 3 months have been rough.  Dealing with family headaches, missing my friends and my community, living in a place that is so immensely different to what I’m used to, still in the process of building a brand new relationship (and the subsequent bumps along the road that come along with the first 6 months or so, especially when you live together), plus added stresses of money (or lack thereof) that were heaped on top.  Feeling like I was just working to live like I did when I was 19, working two jobs and not in school with no real goals.  Just getting by.  Being a vegan in the “dirty souf” as Haley likes to call it, which was polarizing and frustrating at times.

However, I am slightly proud of myself.  Billy and I got past the “3 month hump” and emerged more in love with each other as well as devoted to one another and the partnership we have.  The fact that I feel secure being in an (albeit temporary) long distance relationship is a testament what he and I have built.  I have saved up a small bit of money and am leaving for home when I originally said I would (which was after the holidays, though then it got pushed back to March, etc etc).  I had a job and did it well, leaving my managers with high praise of me and my work ethic and intelligence and with many offers to help recommend me for jobs back in Cali (both at Barnes and Noble and as a server at a restaurant, though neither are a sure thing.)  I am making a point to get back home especially in time for school to start, where I will not be taking a single art class, but Computer Sciences and some pre-req Math.  I started painting again after a period of several months where I just wasn’t inspired.

So I’m going to try and post more this year.  I went from posting several times a week to once a month to very sporadically, and usually not about anything substantial, just a quick recap of what’s happened in my life, or a funny video of a banana peel slipping on a man (i’m classy, I know).  I will try to get back to what this was originally for: a writing exercise.  Not a colorful “What I Did On My Summer Vacation” blog.

~ by Alli on Monday, January 17, 2011.

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