Psycho and the City

I was reading this great article on Mindy Kaling they did in Elle magazine and I came across this one part:

“In Sex and the City, you have characters who are four different parts of a woman’s brain,” says Nathan Kahane, president of Mandate Pictures, which produced Juno and has bought Lizzie Gillespie. “Mindy combines those parts into a single character. You might have a girl you perceive one way, and she completely surprises you.”

Having nothing to do with Mindy Kaling (whom I adore despite “The Office” being tragically sub-par the last two seasons), the snippet about Sex and the City made me giggle, because it’s true, and what if … they had ended that show with all 3 other characters revealed as being figments of Carrie’s imagination?  The Slut, The Prude, and The Skeptic; all parts of Carrie’s brain,  this extremely delusional and lonely writer who has fantasized about having these 3 best friends and living a fabulous life in Manhattan wearing edgy and expensive fashions, when in reality its just her dressing like a crazy person (which, if you’ve seen the show in it’s later seasons, is not that much of a stretch at times)

I would like to think that “Mr. Big” is also some big delusion.  A man she met once at a party and has constructed an obsession over, building this complicated and painful relationship over years, and single-handedly sabotaging all her relationships with men, for this one man whose real name she doesn’t even know.

Now THAT is a movie sequel I would have happily watched.

~ by Alli on Wednesday, February 2, 2011.

4 Responses to “Psycho and the City”

  1. Carrie knows Big’s name, but for her weekly article, she refers to him as “Big” to hide his identity. ;p

    Other than that – yeah, I Lol’d.

  2. Oh I know she does. I was just building on the whole delusion thing.

    I think I just ruined any and all future SATC episodes for myself. Haha.

  3. Brilliant, lady. Can this movie be the do-over for the last two?

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