I have things to say!

If you know me in real life, your response should be “Yes.  We know this.”

But alas, I have not been feeling very talkative, and certainly not articulate enough to type them out and publish them, even in BLLLAAAAARG form.  Little nuggets of ideas get scrawled out half-assedly in assorted notebook and sheets of paper, and never followed through with.

Follow through.  The skill that could enhance my life for the better, if only she would return my calls.

But alas, this summer is one for projects.  I rushed back to L.A in order to start school in time.  And I’m taking my last final this afternoon.  I emerge (albeit crawling) from Spring semester, ready to work full time (should it happen – more on that later) and pick up the things that I let fall by the wayside – reading for pleasure, learning new things, cleaning and organizing and basically doing a huge overhaul of everything, mostly my many possessions (read: crazy bag lady crap from being a person with major interest in mixed media art.  “Oh no!  But what will I do without my 4 broken picture frames!”), and then actually MAKING some of that aformentioned art.  I’m starting to realize how many opportunities in Los Angeles there are to have your work displayed (in someone’s home, at a coffee shop, etc) but I don’t have enough of a collection to show people.  And for my own feeling of self worth, I need to create something that is as good as this:

because I’m immensely proud of it, and its the piece that catches everyone’s eye.  It’s probably the best thing I’ve done so far, but the problem is…I made that in early 2009.  I’ve done some lovely things since then, but nothing as complete and wonderful and exactly what I invisioned originally as this.

I’ve long since acknowledged that my last lengthy bout of unemployment drove me to a severe depression, along with some dangerous bouts of insomnia mixed with forgetting to eat (and forgetting to pay parking tickets and some assorted bils, leaving me, Future Allison, with something around $1000 in debt that I am currently trying to take care of) and generally just a mess of important aspects of my life…  But i’ll say this:  homegirl was fit (I did yoga several times a week), utilized her creativity constantly (I havent painted a lick in 2011), and way funnier on Twitter:

I now have partly blue dyed hair. The look has been equated to a superhero vigilante. And Cookie Monster. Both are correct.

But alas, too much time has been spent on here talking about the past.  As someone (i dont know whom) said, “If you are still talking about what you did yesterday, you haven’t done much today. “

So I have stuff to say.  Hopefully a lot of it won’t actually be about ME and my currently rather un-interesting life, but certain subjects I find interesting.  Maybe THATS why I stopped writing here…i was boring myself!

I’m gonna study some more, but for now, I share with you this:

because I will never ever get tired of this. I think I want it playing on a loop at my funeral, to prevent anyone from getting too sad. And also, because it is FANTASTIC.

~ by Alli on Monday, June 6, 2011.

One Response to “I have things to say!”

  1. That is a pretty awesome piece of artwork you got there. C’mon girl! Get down on it.


    Also. ^—–^ they have an awesome free class each week.

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