the hindsight of teenage crushing

I was briefly chatting online with my 15 year old cousin.  She caught me off guard telling me about a boy she likes and wanted me to see his Facebook.

People come to me for advice about a lot of things.  I have many mistakes in my life that I have gathered some wisdom from, and I play devils advocate a lot of the time, as well as always understanding that my friends are NOT me, and therefore I can’t just expect them to do what I would do.  I’m not saying that it is all gold, or that they even end up taking it, but if nothing else, people seem to know that I take care and consideration when I am asked my opinion or suggestions, whether they agree with it or not.

But people don’t ask me about boys.  Or men.  They ask what I think a text means, or if i think someone is cute…but what the hell do i know about men? So I was caught a little off guard, but figured I would put things in a way that I wish someone had worded it to me.


any advice?

advice about boys?

His profile picture is of him playing football!

hard to tell
can just see the one picture
he doesnt read books that often :/:/
here is my advice for you
it is always nice to get attentiion from boys. and have them like you. its a great feeling….but dont ever sacrifice yourself and the awesome girl you are in order to have a guy like you. or KEEP liking you, for that matter.

at the end of the day
its the most important that YOU like you
so like boys
have fun with them
but dont put too much stock in what they think of you or how they treat you
because they are REALLY stupid
and there were guys that i liked SO MUCH in my life
and i look back on them and im like….”yikes. what a loser. why did i care”
and im not talking about when I was your age.
I cared way too much about really un-remarkable men that were SO not worth it in my 20’s! haha.

Ok. I mean he seems nice. Idk he said he would text me later I am trying to stay calm. I got it I will def keep that in mind!

dont get me wrong.  It’s exciting.

It is! 🙂

but just enjoy it, and have fun.  don’t let it become that important.
this is the time in your life where you need to fall in love with yourself more than anything.  which shouldnt be hard to do, because you are AMAZING


But, we all remember what it’s like to be 15.  And to care way too much about the stupidest guy simply because he grins a certain way (or maybe just looks like a guy from a tv show that we found cute.  Who knows why we build the attractions we build?).  We never understand how insignificant things like that are at a young age until we are older (even though adults love to tell us anyways).  So all I can hope is that her butterflies stay healthy.  That she has fun.  That getting attention from boys doesn’t dictate her behavior and her self-worth.

I’m glad that I didn’t date much when I was younger.  But I had crushes.  And I cared way more than I should have.  It was wasted effort, and no doubt bled into my adult life once I was older.  All I can hope is that she is a better listener than I was.  Maybe all that talk about how cool she thinks I am will pay off 😉

~ by Alli on Monday, June 13, 2011.

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