Number 300…except not

I have been clearing out some WordPress clutter, and came across this small little post I started writing back in December, but never finished.  Figured I would share it here




This will be my three hundreth blog post on WordPress. It’s not a particularly large milestone, actually feels like a rather small number considering I have been writing this blog for…3 years almost?

I drove out to Mississippi about 3 months ago.  3 months seems like a laughably short amount of time considering how long it’s felt.

In true odd Allison fashion, I moved temporarily to a place I never in my life saw myself living, where culturally, is a BIG change from Los Angeles.  Like, huge.  I mean, I live here:

It’s right on the water.  It’s a huge port, a decent sized city with it’s own airport.  I don’t live amongst the swamp people. 

But I mean…its the South (or as Haley refers to it, the “dirty souf”.

One of the things I really want to do at some point, probably the most touristy after visiting NOLA, which we still havent done yet :(, is go to the Tabasco factory on Avery Island in Mississippi.  Yes, I actually want to go on a tour to see where Tabasco is made.  And the funny thing is, I clearly remember being younger, opening a box of Tabasco, and seeing a little insert advertising “visiting the home of TABASCO pepper sauce”, only to throw it away and go “That would be cool, but when the hell am I ever gonna be anywhere close to LOUISIANA?” (the irony is rich. So very rich)



Editorial note:  We did go to New Orleans, which was amazing, but never DID get to go to Avery Island.  Boo x 75. 😦

~ by Alli on Thursday, July 21, 2011.

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