Things to do when we move into our new place

*Organize EVERYTHING. You have no idea how excited I am about having a spare bedroom that we can use for storage/ an office. I have stuff in my friend’s basement in Santa Ana that has been stored there for almost 2 years (ever since right before I moved to Mississippi) t. There are books I haven’t read or flipped through in years, art supplies I forgot I owned, movies I haven’t watched in forever. It’ll be fun going through all my old stuff, and being able to perhaps look at it with new perspective, and maybe get rid of some stuff

*Cook more – Billy is a wonderful cook, and I am extremely lucky to have a non-vegan boyfriend who cooks for me on a regular basis, and who loves to try out new recipes and ideas for me (Garbanzo bean tacos, vegan poor man beignets, seitan spare ribs and falafel meatballs).  But I used to cook a lot more, and look forward to having a bigger kitchen to try out new stuff myself.  I may never be to the level B is (since he was a sous chef back in MS), but I can still try and hold my own 🙂

*Give Harley a bath – Harley has a great natural scent, and is a fairly clean animal.  She still smells great, and gets regular flea treatments.  But it’s been 7-8 months since she got a proper bath, and I think my fluffy big-eyed baby needs it.

*Have parties – I will finally have a place to have large groups of people over.  Enough said.  That’s the dream.  I’ve always wanted to have a home that people came over to on a regular basis.

I’m bummed about moving farther away from everything (as much as I hate Little Armenia, I love being near Hollywood, Griffith Park, and a 20 minute drive from pretty much everything else), and living in the San Gabriel Valley can be a bit of a pain in the ass when all your friends are in Los Angeles city proper and the Valley, and your work is on the Westside.  But having a home that can be just that…It’s gonna be nice.  And it’s exactly what we need right now.

And I know my mom is happy to have me Harley nearby.

~ by Alli on Tuesday, May 8, 2012.

2 Responses to “Things to do when we move into our new place”

  1. i hope u make friends whereever u r

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