To All Trolls,

you realize I can see the IP address you are commenting from, and from that, match it to previous comments left before on this blog, right?  It’s also not that difficult to identify where the IP’s are coming from in general.  You aren’t being nearly as stealth as you think you are (and since it was only recently that I started getting rude, negative comments on this 4 year old blog AT ALL, it wouldn’t be a stretch to figure out whom anyways.)

I know who you are.  Please stop.  Unnecessary doesn’t even begin to describe these recent actions.  I am no threat to you (or anyone).  I’m stressed and unhappy and you believe that I brought that on myself, and in some ways you are right and in a lot of ways you are wrong and it’s certainly your prerogative to think whatever it is you want to think.  But kicking someone when they are down, even someone you have such clear disdain for, is immature and nasty behavior.  I don’t need your anonymous bullying (or false sympathy as a way to make fun of me, “Mio“) to make me feel bad about myself.

Obviously I can’t stop you reading this (though considering I matter so little to you, I don’t know why you continue to.  I guess we all do some bored web surfing from time to time.), but posting harassing comments to someone that you have nothing to do with anymore and is doing nothing to you is just all around shitty and hurtful.  You have made it very clear what you think of me, now just leave me alone and live your life.

Besides, as I posted in the comments the last time you posted something, “I’m sure you have more important and less ridiculous things to do than to harass people anonymously in comments“.  You are busy people.  I honestly can’t see what this benefits you besides a few minutes of mean spirited glee.

I really hope this is the last time I have to address this.

~ by Alli on Monday, June 11, 2012.

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