3 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Hey Alli,

    A few months back, I came across your blog randomly through Flickr. At the time, you were writing about moving back home, the election, job searching and going back to school. Your humor and writing style gave me a few laughs so I bookmarked your blog for later reading.

    So today, I checked back in to see your latest topic of conversation. Outside of your vegan post, I was shocked to hear about your accident. I hope you’re feeling better, both physically and mentally, since your feb 06th post.

    Just wanted to give you some well wishes. I’m sure you’ve found tasks and activities to help compliment your current situation. Hopefully you’re not still feeling sidetracked from your current career path by missing out on a semester. I’ve been through the college and career decision paths, and a few months off can only give you time build your determination or possibly find other paths. Once you get back to school, your momentum and motivation will either take you back along your old path, or possibly something new you might discover in the next couple of months.

    Enough, advice from a stranger. Just wanted to wish you good luck in your recovery.


  2. Hey there! I realize how strange it must be to be getting this message NOW, but I was so saddened and shocked to hear of (or rather read about) your accident. I have not been a regular visitor of myspace for some time now (facebook stole me away) 😉 I truly hope you are physically and spiritually (so to speak) on the mend!

    Big Hugs,

  3. hey i really like that green messenger bag and was just wondering if you could let me know where you bought it or saw it
    [ps: i want it ] :]

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