An update (and I’m not yelling in this one, I promise.)

I’ve been doing fairly well in my attempt to lose weight.  Eating less, excercising more (though not as much as I should).  I’m so preoccupied (mentally, anyways) with everything going on in my life (and when I’m not, I KEEP myself preoccupied/distracted with books.), that I don’t THINK about eating as much (which is a a welcome, albeit, suprising change, since normally in times of strife, I immediately reach for food, and lots of it).

Today, I cheated with half a bag of Hot Cheetos.  Seriously, one of the most unhealthy things ever, but so freaking good.  I think they sprinkle them with crack or something.  I don’t know.  I always feel kinda dirty, inside and out, after eating them.  I plan on excercising tomorrow, so hopefully that will get out some of the toxins.

In other news, things are going…pretty ok.  I know my post from a few days ago was pretty…AHHHH, but sometimes, everything bad sort of hits you at once.  In the face.  Repeatedly.  With a 2 x 4.  But since then, I’ve stopped to breathe, and you know, calmed the fuck down.  I also had a nice long talk with someone with who my relationship with was starting to upset me, and keeping it bottled up was causing me to be, well, a passive agressive little bitch.  Anyways, things have been sorted, and sometimes, all it takes is for there to be one less thing to stress about, to make the rest of it seem a little bit more manageable.

I also decided that I’m not going to mention job interviews on here anymore, because I don’t want to jinx myself.  I know it seems superstitous, but for those of you playing the Unemployed Allison Home Game, you’ll know that today is Day 57.  8 weeks.  About 2 months.  In another month, I’ll dance naked under a full moon while sacrificing a chicken if it will get me a job.

However, while out and about today interviewing, I DID get to do something that makes the Allison very happy… pet BUNNIES!!!


More Bunny!

It was a nice way to spend my little lunch break. Coffee. $2 sandwich. Bunny. It doesn’t take much, people.


~ by Alli on Wednesday, October 1, 2008.

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